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That Dress Tho!

A bridal session is a time to show off the beauty of that dress!  A lot of women are nervous about the idea of a bridal shoot, but we have never had a bride say it was a bad experience. 


A bridal shoot is fun & non-stressful.  Our job will be to guide you through poses which show you in the best light and make sure you're comfortable in front of the camera. 

You will feel more gorgeous than you ever - as every bride should!

Tulsa Bride
Bride in Tulsa
Pinup Bride

The day of your bridal session is the perfect time to do a hair and make-up trial run, in case you want to make any changes before the big day.  


Spending some more time in your dress will also enlighten you to any issues like slipping straps or an uncomfy bodice.  Better to find out now that you need a little more hemming done than on the day of your wedding.

So grab your best girlfriend or your mom (or both) & let's have some fun!

Bridal Portrait
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