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Engagement Ring


We're a husband & wife team that believes to capture YOU, we must know YOU.  It's for this reason that we never double book a day & we will always be the photographers there on your big day.

In 2008, Derek turned his hobby into a business & it's surpassed our wildest dreams.  Photography has become a wonderful creative outlet that we both enjoy, but wedding photography is where we found our heart.  Something about watching that lifelong commitment & capturing it for you to enjoy makes us incredibly happy & brings out our best work.


Working together is a lot of fun & it benefits our photos as well!

Using the super power of marital telepathy, we can anticipate what the other needs, making us much more efficient.  Anything one doesn't catch...the other usually does (just ask our kids).  :-)   


So check us out!

We're so glad you're here!

Wedding Ring

Derek & Laura

Bride and Groom

Amazing Quality





Posing Knowledge

Truly Care

Simple Pricing

Husband/Wife Team

Photo Booth Included

Adaptive to Your Style

2-3 Week Edit Time 

5 Stars on Facebook

Great Client Reviews

Added Bonus:  We Make It FUN! 



Wedding Photographer

Laura Baldridge

I'm a wife, mother, organizational freak, avid bookworm, Tulsa native, historical enthusiast & total foodie. 

I dabbled in photography in high school, mainly because it was fun & the teacher was cute... Now a days, not much has changed: it's still fun & I think the other 1/2 of Baldridge Photography is pretty darn sizzlin! 

I love photographing weddings & seeing each story begin in a different way.  I enjoy being able to bring someone's personality out in our photos and have a knack for keeping things moving without chaos.  Being known as one of the best Tulsa wedding photographers makes me proud & keeps me striving to stay on top!

Proud father of 2 amazing sons and 1 fabulous daughter.  I like to think of myself as a creative genius that reads books with dragons, wands and way too much super hero spandex. 

I've been photographing weddings since 2008 and I love every bit of it. My passion is recording the story of what happens on the big day.  I love being part of the story through photos & videos that will bring smiles,

even years later.

Working with Laura means I let my creative juices flow & not touch the calendar (you'll thank her for that last part later).  My knack is getting people to be comfortable in front of the camera & even enjoy taking photos.

It's all about perspective.  

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