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Dresser Mansion

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Dresser mansion is one of our favorite places in Tulsa. If you want an upscale event that has a ton of history and is just gorgeous, this is a great option.

The Good 

The things that we love about Dresser Mansion is the older chick styling. Most of the interior is the same as it was when built back in the 20’s. Guest are free to explore the mansion and see some of the neat architectural features such as the basement area where there are hidden rooms where alcohol would have been stored during prohibition. We love the ability to have an indoor and outdoor event. The back courtyard can make for striking images during the wedding reception.

The Bad

Larger weddings can be a challenge because space is broken up into different rooms. This means that sometimes guest can end up missing out on main events like the first dance. A really active DJ can help with this a lot as they can roam the mansion and let guests know that events are coming up. This isn’t exactly in there job description but I have seen it done. The only other issue is that if you plan on an indoor/outdoor event and then suddenly an event needs to move inside because of weather, it can become a bit cramped.


235 W 18th St, Tulsa, OK 74119

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